Sivonne Pryce

Sivonne Pryce

I started pottery with the intention of making my family a dinner set. During the pandemic I wanted a creative outlet that didn’t have any pressure on me to be successful or make perfect things.

My usual hobbies are sewing and fibrecrafts, which are very unforgiving of mistakes. However, with clay if things don’t work out, they can just be recycled back down into mud and you start again. Everything can be an opportunity to learn.

My inspiration comes from my family, graphic design, and my love of cute colourful things. I also love the cottage core movement, where you take joy in the slow, handmade items. I love making functional items that my friends and family can use every day, having each item a little more personalised with designs, colours and shapes individualised, made just for them.

I feel like my pottery and fibercraft skills are a perfect match, as I can utilise both to create a home full of items that are truly unique.I love the combination of manual skill to make the body of clay into the desired shape, plus the alchemical knowledge required to make a good glaze that fits the clay, firing range and aesthetics of the finished product. I feel like both these skills I could learn forever and still not have discovered more than the tip of the iceberg.

I am now in my second year of pottery. My cupboards are full of bowls, plates, mugs and cups. But none match or are the set I had wanted to make when I started.

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