Paulina Tapia

I grew up in a small city in Chile where ceramics are deeply rooted in our history and culture. At home, there were always beautiful, functional, handmade pieces that complemented our traditional foods. However, pottery was never on my mind.

In 2012, while studying Design at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney, I was drawn to a ceramics class that caught my attention. The work of ceramic artist Julie Bartholomew struck me as particularly fascinating and offered a fresh perspective on ceramics. Despite finding the class initially challenging, I fell in love with the tactile sensation of clay in my hands. The experience sparked a newfound appreciation for the craft. After leaving Sydney and leading a somewhat nomadic life, I struggled to find the time to engage with clay until I relocated to Cairns in 2022.

It was in Cairns that I crossed paths with Alison Lacy during a children’s clay session at the local library. I found myself more
interested in clay play than my kids did! I then enrolled in Alison’s Friday night classes and eventually became a member of the Club. Soon after I acquired a preloved wheel to work on at home, where I could create at my own pace. This journey has led me to participate in local markets, currently in Yungaburra, with plans to expand to Palm Cove soon.

My passion lies in crafting and shaping with my hands, and I am particularly drawn to minimalistic aesthetics and functionality. Tableware, in particular, captivates me for its ability to enhance the dining experience through colour and texture. I find joy in creating intimate objects like cups, which connect with us daily.

Looking forward, I aspire to delve deeper into glazing techniques and reconnect with the traditional ceramics practices of my hometown in Chile.


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