Luisa Manea

Hi there! My name is Luisa Manea, and I’ve been practising art and design for what seems like forever. I can’t spend a day without creating, painting, or drawing something. Over the years, I’ve won many awards/prizes in various art forms, but I can never settle for just one medium. I enjoy all art forms, from bridal to textile art, painting, photography, self-taught florist, pottery, sculpture, and printmaking.

It’s surprising how little some galleries know about art. Recently, Cairns’ Art Gallery told me in writing that Raku ceramics are not
fit for display, and they will only accept vitrified ceramics.
Additionally, some curators have told me that my textile art is not art but craft. However, it’s time we shake things up a bit in Cairns. In major cities all over the world, galleries showcase all forms of art, including Raku, wonky frames, dirty frames, art falling apart, art decaying, poorly made textiles, and perfectly painted art. Art is art, and no one should tell you otherwise. There’s something perfect about the imperfect, and we must have both.

Now we have an Archibald winner who won with a textile piece. This has opened the door to accepting many more creative art forms. Art is for everyone and anyone. The best feeling is when you make art you hate but someone else loves.

Cairns is a great place to live in, especially for artists. With all the new infrastructure happening at the art precinct in town, it’s now time for the local council to invest and create bigger and better clubs and art organisations so that we can keep up with the growing demand and supply. That means investing in the local artists, not just buildings.

I paint, print, host pottery parties, photograph, teach, and sell. Please visit my website to learn more.
Instagram: @LuisaManea @Louie_Couture

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