Lisa Harris

Lisa Harris

Making ‘1000 tea bowls’ is a ‘fantastic voyage’ of practice that began in 2020 when I joined the Cairns Potters Club and the Cairns TAFE ceramics community!The value of ceramics and pottery within cultural history really inspires me.The technical innovations that were developed with fire and clay over thousands of years.!There is something monumental and ceremonial about hand crafted ceramics whilst so much that we see in our homes is ephemeral and mass produced.To hold a moment in time in the hand that holds the cup.To keep the precious close to us,like family memories that will not be lost or broken.Collecting fine ceramic works and functional ware has been an interest of mine for many years.Clay sculpture was where I began as a child at the Beaumaris Art Group. It led me to further study at RMIT TAFE and the University of Tasmania.

References:Ryu Nagumo; Japanese Pottery as a Hobby. 1963 / Sadako Sasaki; 1000 Paper Cranes/ David Bowie; ‘Fantastic Voyage’

Notes to accompany photos

Raku-yaki techniques were used to form tea, rice and soup bowls (Oryoki)Variations of clay body, glaze and decoration.Hand painted Wedgwood late 18th century cream ware, small plate.Wedgwood Pearlware Chinoiserie, circa 1810.

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