Cate Mahoney

I joined the Potter’s Club over 20 years ago so I could use the glass kilns after doing a glass slumping/lampwork course run by Judith Bohm-Parr.

A few years ago, I attended classes run by Yuki which led me to the open day at CPC where I became a member once again. Initially, I wanted to make ceramic beads/pendants to incorporate in my silver smithing, as well as do sculptural works. This led me to TAFE in October 2020. I had never had an interest in wheel throwing but that soon changed. I am still at TAFE and still have my ‘L’ plates on but under the tutelage of Jenny and Olivia I am slowly improving. I laugh out loud when someone asks “Did you make this?”

I have a small collection of MCM Italian pottery and lots of 60s and 70s glass, so my focus is to work on making pieces to complement my MCM collection and décor.

I am addicted!

cate mahoney cairns potter
cate mahoney cairns potter

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