Help Needed


If you use the club regularly then please let us know if you can give some of your time to help us maintain the club. We are looking for helpers to do jobs for the club if only once or twice a month.

a. Purchase on behalf of the club toilet paper, soap, cleaning materials etc b. Wash or vacuum clean floors
c. Wipe down benches, electric wheels etc.
d. Clean roof once monthly (two people)
e. Take rubbish to the green bin (at the side of the road)
f. Help take delivery of the club’s monthly clays and materials order.
g. Help stack kilns with members works for bisque and glaze firings h. Help oversee firings of electric kilns.

If you need more information please contact Lone White on 40537508 or send her an email, if you think you can spare some time to assist the Management Committee..

If you are interested in being featured as our Artist of the Month please contact-

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