Club raku & Barrel Firing 21st May

Club Raku and Barrel firing day for members will be held on 21st May from 9am.

Any member interested in taking part in the activities that day, please e-mail Di Sant

On 18 May Wednesday 1 o’clock, we will mix the Raku glazes. Please come and help out.

Even if you have no pots ready for the firings, you could still come and learn about how to do those firings.

For the raku firing members need to bring bisque fired pots (with an even thickness). Members can use their own raku glazes, or the raku glazes provided by the club and as usual they will have to pay for club glazes used and firing costs.

Geoff Riley will be in charge of the barrel firing – Herewith comments from him:-
“The best results from a barrel firing are obtained by using a light-colored clay. I suggest White Raku Clay as it will have a better chance of surviving the unevenness of a barrel fire. I have used white stoneware but it must be even thickness to have any chance of survival. In either case best results are obtained if the
pot is burnished.

For those interested, I suggest this link Pit-firing Pottery With Chris Dunn – YouTube

Due to the limited space available, pieces should be no larger
than 15cm high x 15cm wide x 15cm long. Pots must be bisque fired to be included in barrel firing.

Only one pot each till barrel is at its fill limit.”

Colour is obtained from various organics like banana skins, corn husks, seaweed. So if you have them bring them with your pot(s) on the day.

Colour can also be obtained by spreading Salt and Bluestone (copper Sulfate) around the bottom layer of pots in the barrel.
I will provide these along with the barrel and wood to burn.

We will have to load and light the barrel by 10 AM to ensure it has burnt out and cooled enough to remove the pots by the end of the day.

If you want to put a piece in this firing be at the club no later than 9AM on the day.

If you are interested in being featured as our Artist of the Month please contact-

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